About Potrero Hills Landfill

About Potrero Hills Landfill

A Class III landfill in operation since 1986, Potrero Hills accepts municipal solid waste from residences and businesses, plus waste from agriculture, industry and construction. The facility also composts green waste, and receives both e-waste and bulky appliances for recycling.

Potrero Hills Landfill BrochurePotrero Hills Landfill is constructed with a groundwater protection barrier known as a “Dual-liner system.” The dual liner includes two feet of thick clay, plus a high-density plastic liner that exceeds the standards of the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). As waste decomposes, the methane gas created by the process is captured, and will be used to generate electricity.

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Jim Dunbar

P.E.District Manager

Jim DunbarJim Dunbar is a professional engineer and landfill manager with more than 30 years of professional experience in the solid waste management and engineering fields. James received his engineering and environmental degree in B,Sc. Civil Engineer from the University of Notre Dame and a geology degree from Los Angeles Valley College. He continued his education with an international business degree (MBA) from Saint Xavier University, taking course work in Milan, Paris, and Chicago. He is a licensed professional engineer in seven states and attained the status of Associate Charter Engineer in England.

Jim started his professional work with the US Army Corps of Engineers in Chicago. His responsibilities included maintenance and operations of the harbors and rivers in the Chicago area. He then moved into the engineering consulting field before entering the solid waste management field in 1987. Jim started work as a solid waste engineer and then became a landfill design engineer manager. He moved to Europe in early 1990 and worked on landfill design, construction and operation projects for the next five years.

Active in solid waste industry groups, including the American Society of Civil Engineers (Affiliated Member) and the Solid Waste Association of North America (SWANA), Jim has prepared and presented technical papers on solid waste management topics throughout the nation. Jim and his family live in Fairfield, where Jim serves on the Planning Commission and numerous community and foundation boards.