Creating Power

Click on the map above to see how clean biomass energy works.

By the end of 2013, a partnership with DTE Biomass Energy will be converting waste into energy – enough to power roughly 7,000 homes and businesses locally.

Capturing the natural decomposition of waste and turning it into clean power means less reliance in the future on fossil fuels – and a safe way to eliminate the methane created during that process.

Read Barry Eberling’s report in the Daily Republic for more information

Recycling More

A goal set by the State of California will have each of us reusing, reducing or recycling 75% of our waste stream, and we’re proud to be partners in that effort.

Since 1990, Californian’s recycling habits have changed considerably – increasing our recycling from the single digits to more than 50% (see

We’re adding new diversion programs regularly to help California reach — and surpass this goal.  You can do your part by recycling your household waste appropriately, and by participating in (or creating) programs at your worksite.

Preserving Habitat

The landfill at Potrero Hills takes up just a fraction of all the land here. In recent years, we’ve dedicated the rest of the land to habitat programs, ensuring the land will be protected in perpetuity.

One program we’re particularly proud of is providing habitat for the Tiger Salamander, one of our neighbors for three decades. After late night rains, biologists make the trek to shuttle them to their breeding grounds in a well-protected part of our property, making sure they can thrive. Check out the Daily Republic’s coverage here.

Credit: U.S. Fish and Wildlife ServicePhoto by Michael Van Hattem/U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service